Japanese Supermarket ~Soybean Curd~

There are few Japanese department stores and supermarkets in Singapore.
Meijiya, Takashimaya, Isetan, Daiso,
Don Quijote (“Don Don Donki” in Singapore)

By the way, the lyrics of the popular main theme are slightly different
so that many people can sing this Singapore original version.

Due to these Japanese supermarkets,
we have many opportunities to find Japanese snacks, seasonings, dried noodles, rice, cosmetics, liquor and daily stuff.

Many people prefer to think of being good health more so that there are many organic products in Singapore.
Then we introduce tofu this time!

A photograph is a tofu corner at a store and they have many different types!
You will realize that the have “Otokomae Tofu” which is very popular Soybean Curd in Japan!

The recommended “Otokomae Tofu” way to eat at home is
you can put salty dry sea weed and few sesame oil on the Soybean Curd.

In addition, I have had this Soybean Curd with Ikura (salmon roe) at the Japanese restaurant in Singapore before.
What a luxury it was and it was really delicious!


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