Japanese dish “Oden” in Singapore!

Do you know Japanese dish “Oden”?
You can enjoy this “Oden” in Singapore.
Oden is one of hot Japanese stewed dish which has some vegetables, fish dumplings and various other articles of food with thin soy soup.

Singapore is famous with hot country, however, if you go inside a building, sometimes you feel cold.
I recommend you to have “Oden” when you feel cold!! It makes your body warm!
There are some restaurants serve “oden” in Singapore.

I visited one of this kind of restaurants and enjoyed having radish, egg,
a cake of pounded fish, tomato and avocado!!! Tasty!!!

Absolutely, when you visit Japanese grocery store, you will find soup stock of Oden soup!
You can enjoy Oden at home!!!

For me, if I can have Oden with Japanese sake, I will be very happy!!!


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