For the transportation of alcoholic beverages
please leave it to Nihon Kohun.

Reduction of Damage Risk × Reduction of Transportation Costs × Introduction of Suppliers

  • Point 1

    Just send the goods to designated warehouse

  • Point 2

    Full support to documents preparation necessary for importing and exporting

  • Point 3

    Propose the optimum transportation method to customers

  • Point 4

    Reliable transportation of alcoholic beverages
    with fine care

We accept other requests at any time!
Please feel free to contact us.


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  • Support Documents Preparation Required for Importing and Exporting

    Only by giving us detail or receipt of the purchased item, we will create necessary documents for customs clearance.

  • Our Priority is to Think of Which Transportation Suited to Customers

    In general, customers have to decide themselves whether the goods are sent by air or by shipping. For us, if you can provide the contents of the goods, we can propose the best way to transport.

  • Goods Checking

    Traditionally, since the corresponding ranges of customs documents, goods loading, warehouse person in charge are clearly separated, it will be done with the procedure on the documents without checking the package. For us, since there is no barrier between each person in charge, it is possible to actually check the package and deliver it to customer in perfect condition.

  • Goods Tracking

    We will inform you the time of collection, airport delivery, export processing, import processing, plane loading, arrival at destination, arrival at warehouse, arrival at customer at any time. We are willing to check everytime when you make an inquiry.

For other transportation of perishables or seafood, please leave it to us.
Introduction of suppliers is also possible.

We accept other requests at any time!
Please feel free to contact us.


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    Case 1

    About 100 or more bottles of liquor are transported per month,
    and it cost about $ 3,000span> only for shipping costs and liquor tax.
    After switched to NPK, it only cost $ 2,500.
    We domestically transported from Yokohama supplier to Kyushu port by shipping till now, but NPK is able to load the alcohol beverages delivered to Haneda branch directly on the plane, resulting in cost reduction.
    In addition, it became advantageous to be able to deliver seasonal liquors by switching to air transport.

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    Case 2

    There is no confirmation on the state of the goods before shipment till now.
    Therefore, although not every time, about 2 out of 100 bottles (about 2% loss) were broken.
    However, after changing to NPK, we check thoroughly to see if packing is fragile at the time of shipment while it is still in Japan.
    When a lot of goods are needed to deal with, we suggest pallet loading to reduce the risk of damage to the utmost.

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    Case 3

    The best merit after switiching to NPK
    Transportation costs became cheaper and goods other than the perishable one can also be easily delivered.
    The shipping company that we had contracted in the past was a major company and it was not flexible at all.
    After switching to NPK, as they possess a Haneda branch office and the person in charge is located both in Japan and Singapore, they correspond and help if you want to send such as additional items besides perishable or irregular goods.

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    Case 4

    It is possible to request the person in charge to deal with such as product list creation in Japanese language.
    You can also request them to proceed the picking and export procedures in Japan only with one email, and the full-time person in charge will do everything including actual goods picking schedule, customs clearance date, flight loading date, date of arrival at Singapore, so as to proceed smoothly.


Flow of available

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    Step 1

    Contact Us

    First of all, please contact us by phone or email.
    Please tell us about your request or current dissatisfaction.

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    Step 2

    Collecting goods / Domestic Transportation

    Please tell us your requests.

    · After purchasing the product, please deliver it to our office or warehouse
    · After purchasing the product, we will go to your designated place to collect.

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    Step 3

    Customs Clearance and Export

    We created documents necessary for custom clearance
    when we receive the details of the purchased items.
    We will fully support and save your time.

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    Step 4

    Arrival / Customs Clearance

    Plane arrives at the airport.
    We may unpack the package in a specified room and provide
    the customs a sample of the relevant item In respond to their request.

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    Step 5

    Arrive to Customer

    Time-designated delivery is available upon request.

Furthermore, we are able to do the followings!

By collecting the goods in one place, import / export processing is done at once.
We will load it on plane after checking the packaging.
We will repack and palletize according to your request.
Goods can also be temporarily kept in a cold storage warehouse in Chiba, so as to collectively transport at once.
If there is anything you are concerning, warehouse staffs will correspond to you directly.
Please inquire us for the temperature setting and schedule of refrigerated warehouse.
As we also accept the delivery to other Southeast Asian countries besides Singapore, so please contact us first.

We accept other requests at any time!
Please feel free to contact us.


Q. How much is the logistics cost?
100kg transportation fee system(tariff, liquor tax, insurance fee etc. are not included as these are actual expenses)
① Normal Temperature Goods(from our Haneda Airport office to Singapore store) Total: Approx ¥ 125,000 ~
② Perishable Goods (pickup at Tsukiji (Toyosu) market → Haneda → Singapore stores) Total: Approx. ¥ 139,000 ~
③ Japanese Sake (our Keihinjima warehouse → our Haneda airport branch office → Singapore store) Total: Approx. ¥ 135,000 ~
④ Frozen Beef (from our Haneda airport office to Singapore store) Total: Approximately ¥ 163,000 ~
Q. What I want is to cut costs
It is also possible to suppress the costs by coordinate the airline chosen, schedule and time of transporting and the number of stores. Please contact us!
Q. What kind of documents are necessary for importing and exporting?
In general, documents such as AWB / BL, INVOICE, PACKING LIST, COO, etc. have to be prepared. Additional documents may need to be prepared depending on the characteristic or type of the goods!
Q. I want to change logistics company but concerned about distribution channels.
We are please to explain from the beginning about the distribution channels from existing documents!
Q. What kinds of product are regulated in importing?
Various goods such as raw oysters, chickens, mutton, etc. are regulated. As it differs in each case, so please make an inquiry to ask about the goods that you are considering to deliver!
Q. What is pallet loading? What is it for?
A pallet is a loading table that can coordinate and load the goods when handling cargo, transporting and storing, and it can be moved with a forklift as there is a insertion port on it.
Pallet piling means to arrange goods uniformly on the cargo handling table and wrapping it with packing wraps and to treat it as one piece of luggage.
It is possible to reduce the risk of damage due to collapse during transportation, and even in case of damage, it will be easier to find out when it occurred.
As a disadvantage, since the actual goods weight and its volume weight occupied are also counted in the calculation of delivery expenses in air transportation, in the case of a special shape that hinders effective utilization of space, difficulty or prohibited in stacking, volume weight outweighs the actual weight calculation, which may be subject to additional charges.
Q. What is liquor tax?
The liquor tax occurs when you transport alcohol to Singapore and the calculation method differs in the type of alcohol.
For Japanese sake 720 ml / alcohol degree 15%, it calculates as follows.
0.72 (ml) X 1 (bottle) X 15 (%) X $ 88 (tariff rate) = $ 9.5, so the liquor tax is $ 9.5
Q. What is temperature control suitable for alcohol beverages?
It is possible to preserve for 2-3 years at 5-6 degrees, and effect of maturation can also be expected.
Also, it is possible to save about 1 year even around 15 degrees (with constant temperature).
However, the above is about sake that has already been "burned in", and for alcohol that has not been burned twice such as "liquor" "raw storage liquor", refrigerated storage (5 to 6 degrees ) is necessary. "
Q. Can I temporarily keep it?
Yes, it is possible to stock large quantities as we have a refrigerated warehouse in Baraki of Chiba prefecture.
Also, if it is two or three days, it can be stored in our airport warehouse (cold storage / normal temperature).
Q. What kind of alcohol can I import?
Please send us information on products that you are considering to deliver.
We will confirm and return to you.