Live oysters from Japan!


We introduced the live oysters from Japan on our website before.
Live oysters from Mie Prefecture, which could be imported to Singapore late last year.
It is getting instantly famous in Singapore!
The other day we visited our customer’s oyster restaurant to introduce these oysters.
Their reaction was very good and when I see these situation, I am very pleased to be able to introduce Japanese food stuff in Singapore.
In order to make a difference from a competitive store, they are interested in.
It is more thick and crunchy than American or Canadian oysters. Also it is creamy and exquisite salty oysters from Mie Prefecture.
It seems to be an appealing point for oyster lovers.
Absolutely there is also the value of “made in Japan”, but since oysters from Mie Prefecture are natural so that we hope it will be more favored in Singapore.


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